Swans At SunsetOkay – Just a quick idea of some of the things that can be done with Photoshop.  This is called a composite image.  It is called that because it is comprised of two separate images.  The two images were taken within two minutes of each other at the same location but because of uncooperative swans I couldn’t get the image I wanted.  In other words I couldn’t get the swans to swim in such a way so as to capture both them and the sunset.

Water UnretouchedThis is the first image I took.  Nice sunset with some color on the water but not a lot of punch to the water or the sunset for that matter.  The Swans?  Well they are just meandering at the other end of the pond not being cooperative at all.

The problem is I’m running out of sunset very quickly so I have to run up to the other end of the pond where they are milling around and shoot the image below.

Uncooperative SwansSo you can see the sunset is affecting the water but the swans won’t swim in such a fashion as to let me capture the sunset in their image.  So the only thing I can do it set the post processing values at the same level and then extract the swans into the sunset image.  Once there I flatten the image and post processed like it was one prime image.  Now you know.  🙂 It isn’t always what it seems like.

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