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www.upde.net web siteI have a lot more space to post images on my web site. www.upde.net so if you are interested take a look there.  Additionally I do build web sites as a hobby/sideline and so if you’re in the market for a web site design from start to finish, give me a buzz and we can discuss.

4 comments on “Web Sites

  1. Hi there. This may be an odd comment but here we go;
    I have just recently lost my grandma. And my dad didn’t care to inherit any of her stuff really, except one picture my grandma had at one point. It was Greg Naumans “Doorways of Dubuque” however we never found that picture in her house.
    Now I’ve searched really hard to find this image anywhere, and only found one mention of this picture on your blog here. If you could find me that original I’d be so very happy to purchase it for my Father.


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