2 comments on “Thursday ~ Decembeer 26, 2013

  1. Boy I miss my friends. It is tough when you know how good the times use to be, or at least we thought they were, but when I see your pictures and read your words in your blogs, it really hits the old heart of how much I would enjoy seeing you guys again in the flesh. You my friend have not changed that much, and Jeanne is as pretty as the day you introduce me to her. Your a lucky man my friend. Hope your Christmas brings many a smile to you all. Send some pictures!!


    • Thanks Daryl. Best thing I ever did was convince Jeanne to marry me. Why she did is a big mystery and why she stayed with me this long is a bigger mystery. Who knows what the future may hold. We will have to get together one of these times. Life is too short not to take opportunities when they are offered.

      Be well and thank you for your friendship all these many years. You are a stand up guy.


      Regards, Dave Updegraff People Rarely Succeed At Anything Unless They Have FUN Doing It. My Blog | Photography | Web Site | Genesis Process


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