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  1. Nice images of the Grackle and Pelicans. I guess I missed meeting you at Mud Lake by a few minutes yesterday. I go there 4-5 times every week but it is interesting to see it from a higher perspective. Did you see the young Great Horned Owl? It is already very big and may start branch hopping very soon. So far it has been always in the nest. I saw also the mother last Friday in a tree on the levy nearby.


    • Hi Andreas

      I thought you might be there and we would run into each other. I¹m sorry we missed you. We looked for the Owl but it wasn¹t showing itself and we probably didn¹t wait long enough. Hope all is well.

      Regards, Dave Updegraff ³People Rarely Succeed At Anything Unless They Have FUN Doing It.² My Blog | Photography | Web Site | Genesis Process

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