3 comments on “Saturday ~ August 07, 2021

  1. Hi Dave, Again, amazing. Last time were were in Yellowstone a small heard of Bison stopped traffic on the main road by walking toward us. The alpha bull, while leading the heard past us, walked close enough to my side of the car that I could have rolled down the window and reached out and touched him. I resisted the urge! Thanks for these exceptionally good images. Enjoy the fault block mountains of the Tetons.


    • Thank you for your kind words Dr. Dale. Later in the week and I’ll write about it we had a close encounter with a male bison. I’m glad you are enjoying the images. Stay safe and be careful.


  2. Nice………..Bullwinkle Moose’s brother from another mother and buffalo butt sniffing……..some of your best work to date! Critters are either stuffed and mounted or not afearin’ of Bubbas!

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