5 comments on “Wednesday ~ May 18, 2022

  1. The larger bird might be some kind of Godwit – either Hudsonian or Marbled. My book says the Hudsonian Godwit migrates through the plains states. Interesting bird!


  2. Hi Dave,

    Nice images, thanks for sharing.

    You might like the videos that start at this site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j59sn0v9OWg

    This is Day one of five day of video of the hauling of an experimental Caterpillar D-11xe tractor from Peoria to Las Vegas for MINExpo last September at the LV Convention Center – a once every four years mining equipment show, the largest in the world! Have been at the last four of these. These videos were shot and edited by a friend of mine, Charlie Zimmerman, on contract with CAT. Charlie is a retired CAT Global Mining PR person of 30 years and now free lances. He and his wife ran along with the heavy haulers, three trucks, this one at a permitted load of 240,000 pounds and two others with the tracks on one and the dozer, ripper, and roll over cage on it. When the Day one video ends, click on the next day icon and you can progress through the following four days’ videos. Hope you enjoy! He had GoPros mounted in a variety of places as well as two or three cameras he was using from the van that CAT rented for them to drive along with the heavy hauler.

    Hope all is well, CDE


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