3 comments on “Sunday ~ June 01, 2014

  1. Dave –

    It’s a pigeon. And I think that what you are calling a redpoll is actually a purple finch or maybe a house finch. From what I am seeing in the bird books, a redpoll is not common in Iowa.

    And I am loving all of the pictures of the birds. You are doing a great job capturing them and good for you for getting the feeders and the bird bath. They will bring you lots of pleasure.

    Are you two free on June 21st to get together for a meal and maybe shoot pictures at our bird feeder? That is the first weekend that I am going to be home this month and it’s been way too long since we got together. Let me know when you have a chance to talk with Jeanne. Hope she had a good time with her mother.

    Take care – and don’t quit shooting the birds!



  2. It could be a color variation of the Rock Pigeon. They look differently in their wild form but this one is probably the result of hybridization with pigeons that were raised by people.
    The second picture is clearly a Mourning Dove which can be found in Iowa all year long. We always have at least one pair around our house.


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